Career Footsteps with Chesham Grammar School post image

Career Footsteps with Chesham Grammar School

9 March 2017

As part of our Career Footsteps project, run in partnership with the Edge Foundation, we’re helping schools across the UK host regional showcase events to raise awareness of the programme and help local schools get…

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International Women’s Day 2017: China

8 March 2017

      Women across China are being bold for change this March to celebrate International Women’s Day with the Inspiring Women China campaign. In honour of International Women’s Day and its theme for 2017,…

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Celebrating Apprenticeships with Vodafone post image

Celebrating Apprenticeships with Vodafone

7 March 2017

This week we were lucky enough to be able to attend the Vodafone Festival of technology, held at their Newbury Campus in Reading. Over 300 attendees came together to learn more about the range and…

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Volunteer blog post- Matthew Carlisle post image

Volunteer blog post- Matthew Carlisle

8 February 2017

Please enjoy this blog post written by Matthew Carlisle, one of our Inspiring the Future volunteers. Matthew is a Senior Assistant Technician at the Leeds NHS teaching hospitals. A big thank you to Matthew for his…

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A format that works post image

A format that works

2 February 2017

Here is an example of a typical Inspiring the Future event being organised between a school and an employer which took place last week. If your school is interested please see the resource section on…

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