Primary Futures: Key Stage 2

Volunteers talking about their jobs and how is so important for children to develop their skills in literacy and numeracy.  

Teachers can invite volunteers to give careers insight talks in a range of different formats. Some do these as classroom sessions, and some do them as assemblies, as job cafes or speed dating about jobs and careers. This can give KS2 pupils a chance to connect what they are doing in the classroom to the adult world as they start continue their learning journey through education. It is also an opportunity for the volunteers to share the importance of their primary school learning as key drivers in their success. Raising the aspirations of all children is a central theme of Primary Futures.

Volunteers could be asked to bring in their favourite book and as well as talking about the jobs they do, can be asked to explain share why literacy and numeracy are so important in their work and relate this to their primary education.

What could be better …… volunteers from different industries simply coming in and talk to the pupils about their jobs to inspire and enthuse. It’s easy to find who is available in your area.

We have produced a PowerPoint presentation including a step-by-step guide for teachers using the system, as well as the rationale behind the Primary Futurestalks.

More examples of possible approaches to volunteer sessions will be posted in the resources section as the project develops.