Primary Futures: Certificates for schools

The Primary Futures team, the NAHT and Education and Employers charity are delighted to announce the launch of specially printed and embossed Primary Futures certificates which will be awarded to all schools that have used Primary Futures to invite volunteers to inspire their children and broaden and raise their aspirations.

The very first certificate was awarded recently to Priestmead Primary School in Harrow who used Primary Futures to get volunteers for their event attended by Nicky Morgan MP, Secretary of State for Education. Pics : and video:

The even better news is that certificates are not only being awarded to schools who are using Primary Futures to invite volunteers for activities planned in the future but also those who have run activities in the past. See below for details of how to claim your certificate.


Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan and Priestmead Primary School Headteacher Sash Hamidi with the school’s certificate.

Criteria for the awarding of a Primary Futures certificate

  1. Certificates are only awarded to registered schools who have used the Primary Futures on-line system to contact and work with volunteers. At least one volunteer must have come from that route. If you meet this criteria please complete the form at the bottom of this page. If you are unsure please contact
  2. Schools who are planning future Primary Futures activities must also have found at least one volunteer via the Primary Futures site.
  3. If your event is coming up and you would like to have the certificate at your school on the day of your activity please let us know by ticking the box on the form. This a great public relations opportunity to involve the local media and use in photos for your website and newsletters etc. If you need help or a template press release please email us or call 020 7566 4880

Please note schools who are awarded the certificate are encouraged to display it in a prominent place in the school, refer to it in a newsletter to parents and on your website. You are also authorised to use the PF logo, which will be sent with your certificate, on your website, headed paper etc.

Primary Futures Certificates Application Form

Please fill in the details below to apply for your Primary Futures Certificate.
  • Please fill this in if the name of the person applying for the form is different to the name of the person it should be addressed to when posted out.
    If your event is in the future and you would like your certificate sent to the school for the day of your event, please select Yes