Volunteers: Inspiring Women

The national Inspiring Women campaign launched in October 2013 and already has nearly 19,000 amazing women ready to talk with girls in state schools about the ‘job they do’ and route they took. Our ambition is to see 20,000+ women from a wide range of occupations going into state schools, during the next year, talking to 250,000 young women.

RAF inspiring women

You can be an 18 year old Apprentice or a CEO, work for yourself or for a multi-national, be working full-time, part-time or having a career break – girls in state schools want to hear about your job, career and life experiences.

Pledge one hour a year to change young lives by volunteering to talk with girls in school.

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Read and contribute to the Inspiring Women campaign blog: http://itfinspiringwomen.wordpress.com

Photos of our recent events: https://www.flickr.com/photos/edu_employers/sets/

Watch our Inspiring Women cartoon to see the campaign explained in seconds

How you can get involved

The programme is entirely free – for state schools and employers – and is a simple way to volunteer for one hour a year and make a real difference to the aspirations of young women. It is all run through our safe, secure online system on the website Inspiring the Future