Inspiring Sheffield City Region

Sheffield City Region and South Yorkshire Futures have teamed up with Inspiring the Future to encourage local businesses and employees to support us in improving the life chances of our young people.

Our shared vision is that every young person across the region has access to inspirational role models from local businesses who can inform their future choices, make sure they are work-ready and raise their aspirations.

Our aim is to build a Talent Bank of employers and employees who can help young people to better understand the world of work and the opportunities available to them.

We are encouraging individuals and organisations across the region to join us in achieving these goals and hope you can support with your time and commitment in taking part as a volunteer or supporting your employees in doing so.

Register below to access opportunities for your employees to volunteer in local schools. Click here to see how this service works.

South Yorkshire Futures will continue to develop and broaden the opportunities provided by our Talent Bank. If you want to contact us or find out about more then please visit our webpage

And as part of Sheffield Hallam University’s transforming lives strategy and our South Yorkshire Futures regional social mobility programme to raise aspirations and attainment in the region, we are launching a scheme to actively encourage and support staff to take up school governor and trustee roles.

Take a look at our partner campaign with Inspiring Governance here


  • Lieta Marziali, Artist

    I became a volunteer because I was eager to share my journey with the younger generation. Despite today’s job market shifting towards more varied and portfolio careers, there is still enormous pressure on children to “get it right” first time. This can start as early as picking extra-curricular activities in primary school, and certainly it […]

  • Naila Ali, Lawyer

    Naila is one our inspiring volunteers. She recently attended an event at Beckfoot Heaton Primary School, participating in a ‘What’s my Line?‘ assembly and classroom talks. Her inspiration for volunteering is her desire to show children and young people, from a similar background to herself, what they can achieve and aspire to regardless of where […]


  • 10,000 volunteers signed up for mock interviews

    We are delighted to announce that over 10,000 of our Inspiring the Future volunteers have offered to give a young person a mock interview. Interview experience is invaluable to young people, particularly for those applying for apprenticeships, to colleges and university, or for a job, and who will not have had interview experience before. Many […]