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Primary Futures Ambassadors

We are proud of the thousands of teachers and school staff across the country who make up the Primary Futures community and want to recognise, showcase and celebrate your work through our Ambassadors scheme!

If you organise events through Primary Futures and work to raise aspirations in your school, you know what works, and we want to recognise your expertise.  Join the Primary Futures Teachers Ambassadors scheme to share ideas, best practice, resources, and advice with the wider community and to feed into the ongoing development of Primary Futures and career-related learning in primary schools.

If you are interested in becoming a teacher ambassador, please contact the team at or by calling 020 7566 4880.

Some of the ways in which our Primary Futures teacher ambassadors will benefit:

  • Showcasing school and their work to a national audience (Each ambassador will have a profile on our website and will be featured in our newsletters, website and social media to a national audience)
  • Media opportunities: Primary Futures regularly works with local and national media on stories featuring our schools. In the past year, this has included stories in The Mirror, filming for the BBC and lots of local press. Our teacher ambassadors will be approached first for such opportunities.
  • Priority list for enrichment opportunities: Alongside our Primary Futures volunteers visiting schools, we regularly work with employers and different organisations on exciting events for schools. This has included visits to employers like UBS and Bank of America, as well as trips to exciting venues like Number 10! Our teacher ambassador’s schools will be approached first for such opportunities.

Some of the ways in which our Primary Futures teacher ambassadors could contribute:

By becoming a teacher ambassador, we hope you will be able to share your insights and experience with the wider community and showcase the amazing work you are doing. There are various ways to get involved and when you register, you can let us know which activities you can help with. All we ask is that as a minimum you complete a profile and help with at least one of the suggested activities below over the academic year but we would of course love for you to get involved with more! Ways in which ambassadors can support include:

  • Complete occasional, short feedback surveys on the charity’s resources, to help us assess how useful they are to you.
  • Take student feedback after a Primary Futures event and let us process the statistics for you.
  • Let us know about an event you are particularly proud of, so we can promote your school in our communications.
  • Join our team to speak at a local or national conference about your school’s work to raise aspirations
  • Speak to local or national media about your work with Primary Futures
  • Share a resource you have created with the wider Primary Futures school community
  • Create a blog post, newsletter piece or resource to share with our network of schools
  • Attend a focus- group to contribute to the charity’s research and development
  • Share some details of what you or your school are doing with Primary Futures on social media
  • Speak to a local school or group of schools about what your school has done with Primary Futures