Omaira Ali

Aspiration is something every child should have but often is not instilled or nurtured enough. Primary Futures events allows children to learn about new and varied careers directly from the professionals. I’d love to inspire other teachers/schools to get involved and set up  Primary Futures event for the young children.

As a school, we have worked with Primary Futures to inspire our children aim for a good life and also challenge the existing stereotypes about jobs and broaden their opportunities. Through volunteers visiting the students during aspiration week assemblies, we have noticed that our children are much more confident, aspirational and inquisitive about their futures.

I have loved having people from various roles in my classroom talking to the children because I can directly witness the impact of these interactive programs. Moreover, the work we’ve done with Primary Futures has now extended outside our school and has allowed us to visit the local hospital and university, which has greatly inspired our children and staff!

Our visit to 10 Downing Street was in recognition of our hard work alongside Primary Futures in trying to inspire a generation of workers to have high aspirations.