Ruth Mcfarlane

I am keen to promote careers education for learners in the primary school setting. I feel careers education should begin as early as possible to ensure children and young people are prepared for the ever-changing world of work. Learners should have an awareness of the skills and qualities required in the workplace and link this to what they are learning everyday in school.

I believe children should have experiences to learn about the world of work to help raise their aspirations. Using the Primary Futures online platform helped me to achieve this as it enabled me to contact individuals and businesses I may not have otherwise known about. Using this allowed me to have access to The Primary Futures team who are incredibly supportive throughout the whole process, offering a range of personalised guidance.

Hosting careers events with volunteers on Primary Futures has helped the school to build sustainable partnerships for the school community and continue to raise the aspirations of our learners. I would recommend the Primary Futures platform and team to anyone hoping to promote careers education in their school.