Deborah Harrison

I would like to be an ambassador for Primary Futures as I am passionate about children being given the opportunities and experiences to help them to choose their future career paths. When I first started talking to the children about their ambitions, it became apparent that many of them had no idea about the different careers available to them, nor did they believe that they could be anything they wanted to be. I needed to change this so at South Parade, my Deputy headteacher and myself, held our first Primary Futures event in 2018. Little did I know that our school would become the launch event for our local area. Our event attracted local media attention, visits from senior members of the local council and other local schools. We even had a BBC weather forecaster as one of our guests. Due to the success of our event, many local schools then held their own event based on some of our ideas. I supported these schools with their events offering guidance and support. After this, myself and my Deputy Headteacher were invited to the Primary Futures Offices in London to share our ideas and resources. In 2019, we held our 2nd event to coincide with the opening of our Life Long Learning Lounge. We created the room to give the children opportunities to explore different career paths. In the room, there are a variety of books and resources to enable the children to find out about and explore different careers. Our lounge was officially opened by our local ITV news reporter.

As well as our annual events, we have University afternoon every week where the children are given a choice of career paths and they choose a workshop to attend for half a term. In my role as Community engagement leader in school, I involve the local community by inviting them in to school to talk to the children and we also get invited out to visit them in their place of work. I feel that by providing the children with these experiences it makes them aware of what is ‘out there’ and inspires them to work hard in school and follow their dreams to become who they want to be.

This video shows more about South Parade’s 2019 Primary Futures activities: