Tom Konsek

At Rivendell, Flying High Academy, we use Primary Futures to enrich our curriculum content by connecting our students with inspiring individuals from around the UK. 

Primary Futures was a particularly powerful tool during school closures when we were able to connect with volunteers using the online portal, linking every classroom with an expert related to their curriculum unit. An example of this is when we had a virtual tour of a chocolate factory, which linked to the children’s work on the Mayan discovery of chocolate and cacao. 

I have also used Primary Futures in a previous role where I was a middle leader in charge of curriculum development. In this role, I launched an ‘Enterprise Week’ where our school invited visitors from different professions, went on trips to local businesses and met with entrepreneurs in the local area (including BBC apprentice finalist David Stevenson). The children were then tasked with designing and making a product using a £30 start-up loan to sell at the end of the week. Enterprise Week was a great opportunity to engage with our local community and many of our children cited meeting the inspiring volunteers from the week as the highlight of their year.