Reena Rayani, Sales Associate

Reena Rayani is a Sales Associate at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Working in investment banking, Reena constantly uses other languages when writing emails, speaking to clients and colleagues, and while travelling abroad for work.  When asked about the benefits of using a language other than English, she said: “The benefit of this is huge, as it makes a big different to clients and their requirements.”

Would you say that speaking foreign languages is advantageous in your sector?

Yes, very.  It also helps to add a multicultural aspect to your personality, which means clients can be “more interested” in finding out about you and finding a ground of commonality.

How proficient would you say people need to be for language skills to be useful at work?

Not necessarily that proficient.  There are always opportunities in the workplace to use languages, no matter what the level/standard.

What would you say to a young person about the benefits of speaking at least one other language when entering the workplace?

It can help massively, not only in building confidence but also building your profile at work

What helped you to learn languages effectively?

University.  Living abroad helped me learn them the most effectively.

A huge thank you to Reena for sharing her story and experience.

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