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5 steps to creating your encounter

  1. Create: Once you have decided on the date for your careers encounter, you’re ready to set it up. Start by logging in and clicking ‘Manage Opportunities’ at the top left hand corner of the page. Make your description box as detailed as possible, including the aims, format, timings and anything the volunteer needs to prepare.
  2. Invite: Once you have created your employer encounter, click ‘Save & Find volunteers’, or ‘Search for Volunteers’ from the home page. Use the filters to search by pathway, sector or job title, and tick ‘Virtual volunteers’ to find role models across the country. Add volunteers to your shortlist and invite them. Select the ‘List’ view to easily see volunteer job roles and organisations.
  3. Brief: You will be notified by email when a volunteer accepts your invitation or expresses interest in your opportunity. Click ‘Manage Opportunities’, ‘View & Edit’ and select the ‘Volunteers’ tab to chat with individual volunteers. Your message will then appear under the ‘Chat’ heading. Arrange a time to brief volunteers to talk through anything you would like them to prepare.
  4. Host: Ensure you are ready to host your in-person or virtual encounter. Brief your volunteers, set up in your school or college and prepare your students.
  5. Reflect: Help students reflect on meeting volunteer(s) by facilitating plenary activities. Thank volunteers for giving up their time by sending them a thank you message. This could include student learnings. Explore our ‘Plenary Activities’ resource for reflection ideas and worksheets.

Watch a quick overview from our team:

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