Year 11

If you teach Year 11 or are a head of Year 11, here are a few ideas to help you particularly if you have a careers focus to support option and destination choices post 16.  Don’t forget the best events need around a 6 /8 weeks lead time if volunteers are to be invited successfully.

Our volunteers have specified what areas they are keen to help in and many have offered HR skills so why not invite them to help in the following ways:

  • You can use the system to ask for work experience placements
  • Work experience prep – you might consider a couple of volunteers coming into a special assembly to provide tips and hints of how to get the most out of work experience. The guides on our portal can also help with information.
  • Workshops on employability skills
  • Mock interviews
  • CV workshops . include, in years 10 & 11 on ITF schools look for people with HR skills to do employability workshops, mock interviews are popular with year 9s and so on.
  • Drop down days for year 11 post exams
  • Subject talks (how I use (name of subject) in my job)
  • Apprentice talks