Seasonal Showcase Activity

Perfect for KS3, in our Seasonal Showcase Activity students will meet three exciting volunteers whose jobs are impacted by the seasonal period. On this page, access your accompanying resource, watch the video, and please complete our survey below.

Nick is a magician and DJ on the side, Adiel is a Deputy Sargent Footman at the Royal Household and Anna is a Buyer for John Lewis. The volunteers talk about the skills they have developed, their career and educational journeys as well as how their roles are seasonally impacted. We even saw some magic tricks from our magician!

Accompanying resource 

This guide includes more information about the activity, further details of the panellists who attended as well as what you can do to prepare and reflect with your students.

Watch the video


We would really love to know how valuable your students found this activity and what we could improve on next time. We would really appreciate it if you could spare 2 mins to complete our teacher survey once you have seen the recording, and share the student survey with your pupils:

Teacher survey

Student survey


Next steps to organising a virtual activity

Using the Inspiring the Future portal, you can search for virtual volunteers, create your own virtual activities and communicate with those volunteers in the run up to your session. See an example here and use the simple guide linked here (once you have a free account) to create your first virtual activity. You can follow the steps below to get started: 

1.       Decide your activity aims, students targeted, format of activity  

2.       Choose your preferred tech platform to host your activity  

3.       Create activity on the portal and invite volunteers  

4.       Confirm accepted volunteers and connect with them 

5.       Organise test meetings and share meeting link with volunteers  

6.       Prepare your students and deliver your activity  

7.       Reflect and plan next activity  


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.