Andrew Webb

Andrew is a Careers Leader at Featherstone High in Ealing.

What previous experience of using Inspiring the Future do you have?

Using the website to recruit volunteers to visit school to participate in a range of activities including ‘Business Ambassador’ lesson as part of the PSHE programme and Careers Fayres.

This gives students and their parents (as well as many teachers) the opportunity to have meaningful encounters with employers and find out what they really look for when recruiting.

Why do you think it’s important to provide young people with meaningful employer encounters?

For many young people the key adult role models are the teachers they see in school and their parents. This gives a relatively narrow view of the opportunities in the labour market. By having meaningful employer encounters it allows students to broaden their view and understand the multitude of different careers available to them. It is also important because meeting with employers allows young people to learn that good qualifications are not the only quality that employers look for when recruiting.

Young people are continually bombarded with negative media messages about the labour market; job losses, low pay, zero hours contracts are all messages that young people fear. Meeting with employers helps dispel these fears and encourage young people to view employment more positively.