Jake Armstrong

Jake is a Careers Leader at Addey and Stanhope School.  He recently became an Inspiring the Future Ambassador.

What previous experience of using Inspiring the Future do you have?

– Careers insight days.
– Specific industry employer/ee talks.
– One of events and meaningful conversations.
– Lots of work with Speakers for Schools.
– Plans for remote sessions including meaningful interactions with employers/ees and expeirences of workplace tasks set by employers (COVID got in the way of this!)

– 0-2% NEET figures (this equates to about 1 student in our school)
– Increased choice of destination providers showing a much more individual approach to next steps
– Clear destination subject choices that reflect specific career paths realised from ITF awareness events
– An average of 4/5 for ITF events in our impact scoring
– An increased awareness of careers/jobs from young people realised from ITF awareness events
– An increased awareness of the need for employability skills sets realised from ITF awareness events

Why do you think it’s important to provide young people with meaningful employer encounters?

Careers education is the most important activity in schools. It is why schools exist – to prepare young people for the working world ahead of them. Considering the world we live in, careers education and employer encounters are vital in ensuring young people start to think about what they might like to do in the future and what they can do to start preparing themselves for the world ahead.

Meaningful encounters allow young people to explore their futures, to ask questions, to develop networking skills and employability skills. They allow understanding to be clarified and for passion for a future career to be ignited. Is this not the reason why schools exist? To prepare young people for the world ahead?