Guidance: Help with CVs/Mock Interviews

Helping young people prepare CVs and get interview practice

For many young people the first time they get proper feedback on their CVs or interview techniques is when they first apply for jobs and find out just how hard it can be to get into work.

Schools and colleges know that young people need to be helped to ensure that don’t go into the jobs market without any preparation. They often put on CV workshops and arrange mock interviews so that pupils get to practice in a supportive but realistic environment. To help make pupils take it seriously and get fullest value out the sessions, they look for working professionals with first-hand experience of recruitment to get involved.

Research shows that these sessions are really effective in helping young people to develop skills which will be essential to later job hunting, but also gives them the opportunity to reflect on what they want and need to achieve out of education whilst still at school or college.

Who can volunteer?

As a volunteer, there is no need for training or usually CRB checks to help out.  By making the offer to help, you are offering to share your own expertise and experience as to what
a good and bad CV looks like and/or how to come across effectively in an interview.

You could work in HR/Personnel or be somebody who regularly interviews or looks at CVs as part of recruitment. Teachers are looking for people with real life experience to add an extra dimension to what they do. Teachers might be looking for help in illustrating good and bad practice, and we’ve worked with the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) to create some useful resources just in case they may be helpful.

How you can get involved?

Through Inspiring the Future, there is a simple, quick and free way to identify yourself as someone who willing to be approached by schools and colleges to help young people with their CVs or interview skills. Thousands of teachers across the country are using Inspiring the Future to find people who can help at the time they need it.

It may just be once a year, but makes a huge difference. If are already registered
on Inspiring the Future, just log into your account and update your profile.

Please note that under no circumstances should you contact students directly, and ask for their personal contact details.  All correspondence would need to go through the teacher present.

What difference does it make?

As key exams loom, CV and interview advice helps young people to reflect on what they are studying and how well they are doing in relation to prospective careers. Surveys consistently show that young people really valued opportunities they have to practice CV writing and interview techniques whilst they are still at school.

Teachers testify that they really do make a difference and can even improve attainment by bringing home the reality of what the modern jobs market demands.

Resources for your school and college visits

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