Wendy Scott, Vice President

Wendy Scott is the Vice President of the Royal Bank of Canada.

While at work, Wendy uses a language other than English everyday.  Whether it is taking part in business trips to Luxembourg where she meets with French speaking colleagues, making clients conference calls, or negotiating load documentation, her languages skills help her get her job done.

Would you say that speaking foreign languages is advantageous in your sector?

Yes, as clients and colleagues respond very well to speaking in their own language.  I have used my French skills in Paris, Luxembourg, Switzerland, North Africa, Vietnam, and Canada.

How proficient would you say people need to be for language skills to be useful at work?

Level B1 as a minimum, but level B2 is more useful.

What would you say to a young person about the benefits of speaking at least one other language when entering the workplace?

More opportunities, wider portfolio of clients, and opportunities to travel.

What helped you to learn languages effectively?

I did an International Baccalaureate at college, then followed up with regular classes whilst working to keep au courant.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, Wendy!

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