Young people aspire to be what they see around them in their everyday life but it’s difficult to aspire to a future that you never see and don’t know exists.

Inspiring The Future changes this.

We believe that every young person in our country, wherever they live, whatever their parents/carers’ circumstances, whatever school they go to, should have the opportunity to hear first-hand about jobs and the world of work.

We show young people exciting futures. We give them the opportunity to meet a wide range of role models doing interesting, exciting jobs to inspire and motivate them. And we help them to understand that by aiming high, working hard and making an effort in school or college they can realise their dreams.

How do we do it?

Using our online match-making platform, we connect schools and colleges with appropriate volunteers from a range of sectors and professions that match their particular requirements. Activities can take place in school to connect with volunteers from the local community, or virtually.

Here’s a short film about how it works:

  • Teachers register their school or college on the platform and give some details about what they want to do in their school.
  • Volunteers register on the platform and select a number of areas of expertise that might be of interest to students, for example, apprenticeships, enterprise, maths, languages, engineering,  technology or the arts.

Volunteers wanting to give something back to the local community while gaining vital board-level experience can also become a school governor via our programme Inspiring Governance – find out how.

Our platform is secure and easy to use and our service is free and available to every state primary or secondary school or college and every individual or employer wishing to volunteer their time.

At the heart of it all are volunteers talking about their job, career and their educational route to inspire and motivate young people.