Unboxing the Future – Inspiring Careers in Logistics 

Unboxing the Future aims to give children and young people insight into the exciting world of logistics. Essential to today’s fast-moving and interconnected world, logistics is a growing sector – and offers a diverse range of interesting and fulfilling careers.

The campaign unpacks for students what a career in logistics might look like and breaks down the gender stereotypes associated with some roles. Our goal is to inspire the diverse and talented workforce of the future!

Image of a forklift truck loading a lorry alongside image of a child loading toys onto a toy truck.

Ever wondered who makes sure your next-day delivery arrives on time after you click ‘buy now’? It’s the people who work in logistics.

Jobs in logistics are varied and fast-paced, including Property Managers who make sure everything works in the warehouses, Asset Managers who work to make the buildings better for the environment, and Packers, who pack orders ready for delivery.

Unboxing the Future helps pupils to see how the subjects they study are applied in the world of logistics, including: 

  • Science to design machinery to reach the highest shelves 
  • Maths to calculate how many lorries of each size are required for each delivery 
  • IT to make sure the online shop shows exactly what’s available to order 
  • English language and literacy needed to communicate with all the people involved 
  • Geography to map the most efficient delivery routes 
Image of large, fully stocked warehouse alongside people working at computers in a logistics hub.

The logistics sector is vital to ensuring the smooth running of everyday life – from food on the shelves in supermarkets to making sure the correct car parts reach mechanics on time. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Tritax Big Box, to show young people how their current curriculum provides the building blocks for a fulfilling career in the sector. 

Who is Tritax Big Box? 

Tritax Big Box develops, owns and manages high-quality logistics space across the UK – supplying companies across all sectors (from retail to pharma to manufacturing) with the logistics space they need to help their businesses to succeed. 

Its customers include some of the UK’s most well-known companies, including Amazon, B&Q, Co-op, Rolls Royce, Tesco and Unilever to name just a few! 

People having a discussion in a logistics hub alongside image of a man and woman reviewing plans in a warehouse.

“At Tritax Big Box, we want to share with young people the exciting world of logistics – and attract future talent from a diverse range of backgrounds. It’s a sector packed with opportunities and interesting careers.  We’re working with schools and organisations across the UK to showcase what the sector offers, and to provide mentoring and training to help students fulfil their potential – wherever their careers might take them.  

We’re delighted to partner with Education and employers as they help young people discover their future by bringing the world of work into school.”  

Alan Somerville, ESG Director

Teachers, want to unbox a whole new world of careers for your students? Express interest to get involved with our Unboxing the Future Campaign! Invite volunteers, access resources, host events, and attend exciting activities.

Teaching resources

Join a virtual event:

On Tuesday, 9th July, 9:30 to 10:30am, join primary schools around the country at a special fully funded virtual activity called “Inside the Big Box: Amazing Jobs in Giant Warehouses!” where children can meet some inspiring people working in the world of logistics!

More coming soon!