Career Footsteps with Chesham Grammar School

As part of our Career Footsteps project, run in partnership with the Edge Foundation, we’re helping schools across the UK host regional showcase events to raise awareness of the programme and help local schools get involved. Most recently it was Chesham Grammar School who seized the opportunity to host their Career Footsteps regional event.

The Career Footsteps programme is being run for a second year after a successful year one with over 100 events in schools and colleges. The programme, available to both primary and secondary schools, is designed to put schools in touch with employee volunteers from the world of work who took vocational routes to widen horizons as to the variety of paths that can be taken into different careers.

At the Chesham Grammar School event, nine volunteers from the world of work came together to share their personal and diverse experiences of progressing in their career and the route they took to get there. Volunteers included employees from areas such as the construction industry, the National Careers Service and the Ministry of Defence.

Miss McNaney, Chesham Grammar School Head Teacher said:

“I was delighted to see our students really engage with the speakers from the EET.  We feel this is a important time for our students to have a wide range of information in order to consider their future paths, and the EET has been an invaluable support in facilitating our Key Stage 4 Preparation Day.”

A Year nine student said:

Today has given us insight on how our plans for the future is effected by our current decisions and why we should base these on what we are interested in.”

Other students commented: “I was surprised how many different jobs people have during their career”, “It was really interesting to learn how your GCSEs relate to your future job”, and “I now understand more about a lot of different jobs”.

Schools should note that whilst they have the option of running larger scale regional events, this is not a requirement. A standard Career Footsteps event will feature one to three wonderful volunteers.

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