Children from East Acton Primary thank volunteers

The children at East Acton Primary School were thrilled to have taken part in a Primary Futures event recently. Supported by grant funding from the Edge Foundation, the day introduced primary school pupils to the world of careers information.

This event saw many inspirational volunteers visit the school to talk to the children about the jobs they love, and help them to make connections between what they are learning and their possible futures.

Having heard about a diverse range of jobs, the children were left amazed at the connection between what they are currently learning and the different options it opens for them in the future. The children realised that an interest in art did not necessarily mean becoming an artist, but could help with a range of careers, from design to marketing.

The children want to offer their thanks to the inspiring volunteers that participated:


Dear Volunteers

We are extremely grateful for your appearance at our Careers Day on the 26th of April 2018. We all found it very interesting and fun. Many children were inspired by you and were intrigued about your journey to becoming what you are now and your job.

We understood how hobbies can link into jobs and what to do to earn our dream job such as studying various subjects, getting different degrees and going to different places to learn more advanced skills.

Everyone learnt from your informative visit and enjoyed it very much. We hope to see you again!


Sara and Mahdi – Head Girl & Boy

On Behalf of the children of East Acton Primary School