Explore new themed resources & steps to create exciting aspirational activities

We can help you continue to support your children’s motivation and enthusiasm for their school subjects. Learn about new free resources available to you, gain inspiration from fellow schools planning aspirational activities, and find steps to replicate these for your pupils. 

New pre-recorded resources 

Access our new pre-recorded video activities exploring jobs in maritime and aviation! Perfect for KS2 and with links to geography, children will meet: 

Aviation (c. 20mins):   

  • Suzy the British Airways pilot who traverses the globe as one of only 6% of female pilots  
  • Steph the aircraft engineer inspired by her childhood interests in ‘tinkering’ and working towards her dream of being an air accident investigator    

Maritime (c. 25mins):   

  • Victoria the marine engineer who talks about sailing as a child, starting out as a cadet, qualifying as an engineer, travelling the world on different types of ships before being based onshore conducting maintenance.
  • Heather the sea captain who started her journey as a cadet, travelling the globe, learning the ropes, building on the key skills and gaining the relevant training needed before being promoted and getting her master tickets so that she can be the captain of any ship.

They leave children with the message that you are always growing and learning in your career and the feeling that there is (literally) a world of possibilities for their future. 

Sign up or log in to instantly access the resource in the pre-recorded menu on the right hand of your homepage. You’ll also find optional extension cross-curricular activities supporting creative writing and maths learning. 

Link learning to the real world: activity examples and how to create your own

What activities are Primary Futures schools putting on this half term? 

  • In Wandsworth, a school is planning several themed activities for year 3 and 4 pupils focusing on topics including journalism, geology and law. Volunteers are invited to talk about their jobs in these areas and link their experience to school subjects – for example, pupils meeting volunteers working in geology are learning about volcanoes and earthquakes in geography. 
  • A whole school enrichment event with a focus on flight is taking place in Sunderland. Across the half term, several volunteers in aviation are invited to talk about their jobs in the sector to help bring children’s learning to life. 
  • In Nottingham, year 2 pupils will be hearing from a “real life hero” working in the emergency services. One volunteer will visit the school virtually or in person to tell their story and talk about what they do in their job. 
  • KS2 pupils in Ealing are encouraged to dream big during a Q&A afternoon designed to raise their aspirations, interacting with volunteers across different jobs and sectors. 

Primary Futures volunteers come from a huge number of different roles and organisations and you can design your activity specifically to suit your children’s needs, from an online video talk with one volunteer, to an in-person afternoon with a variety of different role models.  

Steps to get planning: 

  1. Sign up or log into your portal, click ‘Manage Opportunities’ on the navigation bar, then ‘Create New Opportunity & Invite’. 
  2. Input details about your activity – the number of volunteers, whether it’s virtual or in person, year groups, then add ‘Industry sectors’ and ‘Curriculum Subject’ to focus the activity on your topic learning or children’s needs. It’s good to include as much info as possible in activity descriptions so volunteers know what to expect. 
  3. Click ‘Save and find volunteers’ at the bottom right of the page 
  4. You can now invite volunteers – use the map for local role models, or select ‘Virtual volunteers’ and click on the ‘List’ view to search for people further afield. You can search by sector, relevant subjects and job title to focus your search. 
  5. Keep an eye on replies from volunteers, and get in touch with those who accept your invitation to give them any additional information before your activity. 

Want to chat through your activity ideas or need help getting started? Our team is here to help – email us at enquiries@inspiringthefuture.org to book in a free planning call.