GCSE options teacher pack

When it comes to GCSE option choices, it can be difficult for young people to look beyond their immediate experiences.

Help students make connections between options subjects and their future lives with our new teacher pack, which combines practical resources with ideas on using real-life insights from workplace volunteers.

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The pack includes:

Me and My GCSEs
Selected quotes from Inspiring The Future volunteers explaining how GCSE subject choices have shaped their careers. Use in school option packs or as a starting point for discussion with students.

How to create an options activity
A quick guide on creating an event with workplace volunteers, featuring:

  • Lesson plan and student worksheet (which can help meet Gatsby benchmarks 4 and 5)
  • Tips on searching for subject volunteers
  • Template invitation

Ready-to-go student resources
A mix of practical tips and videos from our student-facing site, icould.com. Use on a standalone basis or to support learning before and after encounters with workplace volunteers.

  • Choosing your GCSE options – quick overview guide
  • Short clips video featuring people in work reflecting on their GCSE option choices
  • How to focus your decision-making and choose well
  • Geography and history subject guides

Secondary students