Inspiring a Future in Childcare launches next phase with speed-career networking at Park High school

Inspiring a Future in Childcare in partnership with The Department for Education and Tinies Childcare aims to inspire children to consider a future in childcare by showing them the wide range of career opportunities available in the sector.

The campaign challenges individual and sector wide perceptions about the childcare profession and the stereotypes that have followed the sector throughout time. It aims to broaden students awareness of the range of exciting roles that the childcare sector holds.

On 1 February, Park High School, Stanmore ran a speed networking event which gave year 8 and 9 children the opportunity to meet and talk to professionals working across the childcare industry which is hoped will encourage more careers advisers to start to include Early Years Professionals in future school careers events.





Why is it important that we inspire future generations of child carers now?

There has to be a switch in the public perception of the value of childcarers to the economy, and how they enrich the lives of future generations. Schools need to have more information and guidance on the opportunities that exist in the sector in order to make a difference.

Families have changed over the years. We know that in most families both parents need to work so child carers are integral to the infrastructure of today’s economy.  Whether working families need a nanny, a childminder or a place in a nursery, it all comes down to having enough childcarers in the industry to meet this ever-growing need. And right now there are just not enough childcarers to meet that demand.





Photos: Susie Owens from the Department of Education  and Beverly Munden from Tinies Childcare talk to students and teachers about the importance of the childcare sector.

A massive thank you to all the fantastic volunteers listed below, who gave up a morning to inspire young people about a future in childcare. One of them, Paul Moore of Busy Bees talks about why he wanted to come to talk to children about a future in childcare:

If you work in childcare and want to inspire children about a job you love, sign up to volunteer at the top of this page or find out more about how you can get involved with the Inspiring A Future In Childcare Campaign.

See more photos from this event here

A massive thank you to all the fantastic volunteers:

Adelle Thompson                   Tinies Childcare – Recruitment

Bhavna Chandarana               PACEY

Carl Borrett                              Tinies Childcare – Operations

Cheryl McCarthy                     Cooperative Childcare

Diane Rainbow                        Department for Education

Hannah Bellsham-Revell      Evelina London Children’s Hospital

Ian Everitt                                 Leicester College

James Cuffin                            Cooperative Childcare

Joanne Langley                       Childcare Company

Kristen Harding                       Tinies Childcare – Recruitment

Laura Brewer                           Ofsted

Lindsey Doe                             Tinies Childcare

Liz Coffey                                  Ofsted

Lou Neville-Ball                       Lewisham Children and Family Centres

Louise Williams                       Tinies Childcare – Operations

Miya Booker-Brown              Tinies Training

Mona Majed                            LEYF

Neil Leitch                                Pre-School Learning Alliance

Paul Moore                              Busy Bees

Penny Tongo                           LEYF

Philip Girling                            CACHE

Rebecca Moore                      Morton Michel

Sarah Read                               Action for Children/EY

Sonia Wray                              Childcare Company

Stavrina Petros Koumi          Tinies Training

Sue Lee                                     Morton Michel

Susie Owen                              Department for Education

Tara Kitchener                         Pre-School Learning Alliance

Theresa Michel                       LEYF

Yolanda Hampshire               Action for Children/EY

Zoe Brooks                               Busy Bees

Zoe Hier                                    Pre-School Learning Alliance