Inspiring Gateshead

We are continuing our series of regional events to help local schools and employers connect. This time we’re in Gateshead for an an event that brought together multiple schools and a wonderful selection of volunteers for an exciting showcase event.

Inspiring Gateshead is an exciting new initiative to raise and broaden aspirations of young people in Gateshead and to provide them with a better understanding of the job opportunities and career routes open to them. Fantastic things are happening in the region to help young people achieve their potential, with numerous organisations such as the North East Local Enterprise Partnership and the North East Regional Mentoring Programme playing a vital part.

The launch event was hosted by Cardinal Hume Catholic School and had local primary and secondary schools taking part. The day kicked off with a career speed networking for Cardinal Hume students, giving them the opportunity to meet with a variety of volunteers and ask them questions about their career journey. The latter part of the morning focused on inspiring primary school pupils, beginning with a ‘What’s My Line?’ event, designed to challenge gender stereotyping. Then it was time for classroom talks for the children, with volunteers talking about the importance of literacy and numeracy to help pupils make the important link between their learning and their futures.

Rosalind Flint, Headteacher at Cardinal Hume School, said: “We were delighted with the success of our ‘Inspiring Gateshead’ event on the day itself, but even more so when we reflected on the long-term benefits. Feedback from our primary and secondary school guests has been excellent from both teachers and students.  We were privileged to welcome nearly 50 volunteers from the world of work who were exceptionally generous with their time and keen to be involved with the school in the future.”

Schools and volunteers interested in being a part of Inspiring the Future can sign up on our website.

Many thanks to the following volunteers who took part:

Frank Firth, Head of Office, Arthur J. Gallagher

Simon Peckham, CEO, Melrose PLC

Stephen Treanor, Senior Partner, Treanors Solicitors

Alex Nelson – Self-employed, Railway Stationmaster

Fiona Cook – NHS, Community TB Staff Nurse

Niki Kane – Greggs, HR Administration

Laura McLoughlin – Teacher Active, Branch Manager of Recruitment Consultant

Maria Riley – HMRC, Senior Executive Officer

Miranda Middleton – NHS, Clinical Genomics Practitioner

Jacqueline Callaghan – HMRC

Georgina Dalton – HMRC

Craig Simpson – HMRC

Melanie Hall – HMRC

Dawn McDonald – HMRC

Christopher Hearne – HMRC, Bereavement Team

Carol Taylor – Northumbria Police, HR Manager

Emma Oliver – Friendly Development Charity

Kate Stobbart – Artist and Part Time GP

Rebecca Byrne – Department for Education, Senior Executive Officer

Ian Cawson – DWP, IT Architect

Asa Buchanan – Bond Dickinson, Solicitor

Wendy Borsberry – HMRC

Sarah Davies – HMRC, Tax Advisor

Lisa Faetz – HMRC

Lesley Smith – HMRC, Criminal Investigation Officer

Lucy Joyce – Northumbria Police, Police Officer

Paul Rae – Red Square Design, Graphic Designer

Mark Marshall – Department for Education, North Division – Academies Regional Delivery Group

Dominic Cook – HMRC

Anthony Forrester – Eagles Community Foundation, Basketball Coach

Charlotte Lever – PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Accountancy

Mat Clarke – Cardinal Hume Catholic School, Teacher

Pauline Leonard – HMRC, Mandatory Reconsideration Office

Rachel Bowering – HMRC

Hannah Stevens               – Head of HR & Training

Lynne Mason – HMRC

Louise Gulliver – Park View Community School, Director of IAG

Andy Lloyd – Centre for Life, Head of Special Projects

John Nielsen – CK21 Ltd, Engineer for Construction Industry

Stephen Edwards – Deloitte, Accountancy

Holly Murdy – Deloitte, Accountancy

Aneta Ciaston – Deloitte, Accountancy

Martyna Sniegulska – Deloitte, Accountancy

Karan Angad – Deloitte, Accountancy