Inspiring the Future in Ireland

Last week we were pleased to be able to welcome two visitors, Larry O’Neill (CEO) and Deborah Brock (Life Long Learning Manager), from the South Dublin County Partnership to our offices. The SDCP approached our charity in June of this year to learn more about our Inspiring the Future online platform, the advanced technology behind it and the day to day running of the organisation.

The SDCP is a non-profit organisation working to tackle poverty and social exclusion in South Dublin County. Included in the areas they target and deliver projects are enterprise and employment, and lifelong learning. It is for these target areas that we will be helping them to develop a similar model to Inspiring the Future to be used in South Dublin.

Larry O’Neill, CEO said “a very big thank you to Education and Employers for supporting us and giving us best practice for launching our own programme. We are incredibly excited about the partnership and the opportunity to raise the aspirations of young people in Ireland.”

A formal launch of Inspiring the Future Ireland will take place in 2017. We look forward to continuing our work with the Partnership and inspiring ever growing numbers of young people to aim high.