Inspiring the Future with the Home Office

On Monday 19 June, Inspiring the Future was joined at The John Fisher School in Purley by Sir Philip Rutnam, the current Permanent Secretary and over 60 volunteers from the Home Office. Almost every department in the Home Office was represented, providing the boys at John Fisher with an opportunity to learn about the many different careers in the Civil Service.

This event marks the start of what will be a continuing partnership with the Home Office to encourage people across the Civil Service sector to volunteer in their local community by connecting with schools for free via the on-line technology, Inspiring the Future. We want to challenge preconceptions of careers in the Civil Service and make them appeal to a younger, more diverse audience.

Passionate volunteers talked to students about the job they love, with the view to inspiring, raising aspirations and broadening the students’ horizons by showing the range of jobs career opportunities at the Home Office. It was a huge success, with an overwhelming number of Home Office employees keen to take part.

The afternoon consisted of a speed networking activity which saw the students asking the volunteers questions about their jobs, and trying to learn as much as they could about different jobs in the Civil Service in six minutes.

Andrew Dean, Assistant Head Teacher at The John Fisher School, commented on the afternoon:

“The speed networking event was a huge success. It engaged all 190 students in thinking about their future career. The students found out about a whole variety of careers, roles and departments, giving them a real insight into the world of work. The volunteers brought an infectious enthusiasm and passion for their work which really rubbed off on our students. A fantastic careers event that all schools should engage with.”

Comments from volunteers included:

“I was delighted to be part of it and it was great to see how engaged the children were”

“it felt very rewarding”

“It was great fun too.”

A student commented: “There is a lot more variety and range of people in the Home Office. My perception has hugely changed and has made me feel more interested in the career paths available. I would now consider a career as I now know there is a wide range of jobs that interest me and appeal to me.”

Another student said: “I got the chance to meet lots of really interesting people who were really enthusiastic about the Home Office and their work and giving me tips about school and work in general.  I really enjoyed it.”

A huge thanks to all the volunteers from the Home Office who took part, and to The John Fisher School for welcoming us.

If you work in the Civil Service, and can spare an hour of your time to inspire young people about a career with the Civil Service, sign up at the top of the page.