Making an Entrepreneur: A Young Black Female CEO’s story

Created for Year 10- 13 students, meet Gatsby Benchmark 5 with our pre-recorded interview: ‘Making an Entrepreneur: A Young Black Female CEO’s Story’. Kike Oniwinde, CEO and Founder of Black Young Professionals Network, is interviewed by Oliver Pawle, Chairman of Korn Ferry, and shares the journey she took and opportunities she carved out to get to where she is, the personal setbacks overcome along the way, and the importance of knowing your own strengths and weaknesses.

The interview is around 20 minutes long and has optional pauses for student discussion and interaction to fit into a timetabled lesson. Students will be encouraged to consider what skills they think are needed for working in business and whether Kike has challenged any prior misconceptions about building your own business.

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Camera images of Kike and Oliver during the interview
Kike discusses her career journey with Oliver