Our top five tips “to give your career a flying start”

This week we are continuing our work with iCould and giving our tops tips to young people on how to give themselves career boosts whilst still in full time education by making links with the world of work.

This advice is guided by the findings from our research team’s latest report, ‘Contemporary transitions: Young Britons reflect on life after secondary school and college’, published with support from LifeSkills created by Barclays. The report looks into the impact of school careers sessions and workplace experience on young adults’ working lives. Among other findings it uncovers that pre-16 participation in Job shadowing is associated with an adult wage premium of 11% as well as that three or more employer engagement activities made a big difference when applying for a full-time job.

Engaging with people from the world of work before the age of 16 not only assists young people when applying for jobs but can see them earn more. This is why we’ve gathered our top five tips for career boosts. To find out what they are, read the iCould article ‘The secret to boosting your future career and pay’. If you’re a teacher or careers advisor, why not share the article with your students to help them take further steps to prepare for their futures.

This latest collaboration follows the release of our joint subject guide with iCould, ‘Your subject their future: A guide to using volunteers and videos to enhance the curriculum’ (PDF), which teachers can use for inspiration as to how they can incorporate volunteer visits into their subject lessons.

Teachers can also sign up for free on our website to invite volunteers from the world of work into their classroom to widen students’ horizons.

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