Primary Futures – numeracy themed event at Perryfields Junior School

Pupils at Perryfields Junior School in Chelmsford, Essex were today given the chance to see for themselves how what they learn at primary school can be used later in life. The numeracy themed event helped the children see the practical applications of what they are taught in the classroom. The aim was to broaden their horizons, raise aspirations and challenge gender stereotypes.


Twelve volunteers from the world of work, including the FCA Chairman John Griffith-Jones, came together with the whole school to explore the different ways they use maths in their jobs.

The day began with five volunteers taking part in a “What’s My Line?” activity. Volunteers were invited up on to the stage to answer questions about their job role, giving yes or no answers to the questions from the children. They then left the stage and the children were asked to guess what jobs they thought they did. Returning to the stage , one by one they revealed their jobs using props that they use everyday at work. The five volunteers were; a property developer, train driver, fraud investigation lawyer, technology consultant at a bank and a Sky News production runner, illustrating for the pupils the variety of ways that numeracy skills can be applied to different jobs.

Pupils from Years five and six then went into classrooms to chat in small groups to volunteers, finding out more about how they use the skills they started to learn in primary school to help them in their jobs.


Interested schools and volunteers can register for free on our website.

If your school is interested in organising a similar event here is a guide we put together to help you plan your own Primary Futures event (PDF).

Volunteers from the following organisations took part:

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Business Owner Steve Lennon (Property Developer)

Charlie EMP

Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx)

Essex County Council


Great Western Railway


Hypnotherapy-Essex Ltd


Multiplex Construction Europe Limited

Thank you to Perryfields Junior School for hosting a wonderful event and to all volunteers who gave up their time to help inspire the future.