Education and Employers is a charity that works with schools, colleges and employers to provide young people with the inspiration, motivation, knowledge, skills and opportunities they need to help them achieve their potential. We are committed to providing safe and supportive environments for everyone involved in our organisation and the work we do. We believe that everyone, and specifically those who are in vulnerable circumstances and less able to protect themselves, has the right to be kept safe from harm, exploitation, abuse and neglect.

If you have a safeguarding concern

Safeguarding concern is when someone is worried about the safety or well-being of a child or adult because of something seen or heard, or information which has been given to them. A safeguarding concern can involve an Education and Employers representative, a representative from another organisation, peers, members of the public or family members endangering the safety or wellbeing of others, for example, by not following the code of conduct.

If you are concerned that Education and Employers or one of its representatives, is endangering the safety or wellbeing of others please contact: or 020 7566 4880.

If you are worried about the safety or welfare of a child you should call the NSPCC adult helpline for confidential advice on 0808 800 5000.

If you are worried about the safety or welfare of an adult you should call the police (if they are in immediate need of help) or your local adult social care team.

Inspiring the Future and Primary Futures

Schools, colleges and volunteers must all accept our Programme Terms and Conditions.


In addition to accepting our Programme Terms & Conditions, we expect all volunteers to follow our Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Schools and colleges

Schools and colleges will have their own policies and procedures related to Safeguarding. We would expect volunteers to be provided access to relevant information ahead of any activity so that they can abide by these including details of the Designated Safeguarding Officer/Lead and how to report a concern.

The core of Inspiring the Future and Primary Futures activities involves volunteers going into schools where they will be supervised at all times by school staff, or participating in virtual interactive activities where school staff should always be present.

For all volunteering activities, including those that take place outside of schools and through the use of virtual technology, it is the responsibility of the school and volunteer/volunteer’s employer to ensure compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements (including, for example, relating to pupil/student well-being, safeguarding and health & safety etc.). Our volunteering programmes do not screen volunteers nor organise Enhanced Disclosure and Barring (DBS) checks.

Governor recruiters

Schools and colleges will have their own procedure regarding governor recruitment which they will need to follow. Our governor volunteers are not screened nor have we undertaken Enhanced Disclosure and Barring (DBS) checks.