“They did not only tell us about themselves but helped advise us to see where our future is heading and helped us experiment with our future work.”

  • First name: Kayley-Ann
  • Age: 15

What Inspiring the Future activity have you taken part in?

Inspiring the Future ran a Compliance and Risk Speed networking event at the Bank of America with 18 female GCSE and A Level/BTEC Business Students on 10 June 2019.

What was the best part of that activity? 

It was a great opportunity to let female pupils from years 10 and 12 take part in a job / industry that is seen as a more male dominated role and to give them inspiration to succeed in their future desired endeavours.

What 5 words would you use to describe the activity?

Inspirational, exciting, touching, encouraging and supportive.

What difference has the activity made to your ideas about careers and ambitions for your future?

It made people who went on this trip feel more encouraged after having a nice conversation will all the volunteers who came to talk to about their working experience.

Did anything about the volunteers and their jobs surprise you or challenge your expectations? 

Maame, the lady from Ghana who gave the speech at the beginning – she didn’t have a good background but worked her way up to a successful career which really inspired me.

What difference have the Inspiring the Future volunteers made to your ideas and choices about careers?

On the Bank of America trip, many volunteers came and spoke about their experiences and their place of work, giving us an idea of our futures, encouraging us to follow through with hard work and dedication. Some even advised to go for something that doesn’t appeal to the eye because it can end up being an amazing job and experience for you. It has inspired us to follow their work and see where it leads and made us question if we should go into the world of banking.

Is there anything a volunteer has said, or did that has inspired you and what did you do differently as a result?

When they were talking to me about what I wanted to do and I said about volunteering with kids – they offered specific advice – volunteer work, charities, follow my dreams.

Is there anything else you learnt from the experience? 

It is an amazing opportunity to hear how others have gotten into their careers and it really helps people to think about their own futures more and it is an amazing experience. They did not only tell us about themselves but helped advise us to see where our future is heading and helped us experiment with our future work.

Do you feel inspired about your own future, and if so what does it look like?

Yes, I do.  I feel positive about my future and am aware that I can succeed and that I have support to get to where I would like to in life. I would like either be a Baker or to work with young children.

Do you have any other comments you’d like to add?

This was a really amazing experience and I hope that these experiences will occur for many years to come to give other students/pupils the same inspiration that I was given.

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