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“Four inspirational women with pretty cool jobs” feature in Newsround this week, as part of CBBC’s International Women’s Day coverage.

Firefighter Amy, robotics engineer Caroline, train driver Tahira and construction project manager Cassie met with Year 6 children at Coppull Parish Primary School, Chorley, to help challenge gender stereotypes.

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The children had the chance to ask the volunteers about their jobs and some of the equipment they use, bringing their roles to life.

“Our research shows gender stereotyping is set from a young age, with children as young as five having stereotypical views about the jobs people do,” says Nick Chambers, CEO of the Education and Employers charity.

“Meeting people in different jobs is a simple way to dispel such limiting assumptions. Giving primary-age children the chance to speak with real-life role models taps into their natural curiosity and encourages them to picture new possibilities for their own futures.”

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  • Set up your own activity and find volunteers who can help challenge gender stereotypes – just sign-up or login to Primary Futures
  • See our Redraw the Balance resource which is a great starter activity to use ahead of meeting volunteers. First shown in this powerful two-minute film, children are asked to draw pictures of people in different jobs before meeting volunteers in those roles. The resource provides a step-by-step guide to creating the activity in the classroom. Sign-up or login to Primary Futures to get your copy
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