Upcoming CPD webinars for primary schools

Over the coming weeks we are hosting a series of CPD webinars for teachers looking at integrating career-related learning, how to use Primary Futures virtually and in-school, and the impact of our primary programme.


  1. Primary Futures Teacher CPD – Friday 19th June, 10am

Using internationally recognised research we’ve conducted around career-related learning in primary schools, This webinar will give an introduction to how you can use Primary Futures as a tool to help children raise their aspirations, link their learning with the world of work and challenge social and gender stereotypes. We’ll be sharing practical takeaways on running effective sessions with our 56,000 volunteers from the world of work and how to use our free system to set up fun and inspiring events for your children.



  1. Primary Futures – Delivering Virtual activities – Wednesday 24th June, 2pm

Having developed a new virtual offer as an alternative and equally effective means for connecting children with people from the world of work, this webinar will run through how Primary schools can run effective virtual sessions independently, exploring topics of safeguarding and using technology. We’ll also be running through the process of organising a virtual world of work activity from start to finish, and the useful resources available for all parties involved.



  1. Primary Futures – Cornwall Teacher CPD – Wednesday 8th July, 1pm

As part of our Primary Futures project in Cornwall to support primary schools with raising the aspirations of children through fun career-related learning activities, Primary Futures is running a virtual CPD for Cornwall Primary teachers. The session will:

  • Explore the aims of the project
  • Types of effective activities
  • Our virtual offer for inspiring children outside of school



  1. Primary Futures – Impact assessment update and using your unique impact report – Wednesday 15th July, 1pm

As part of our Primary Futures project funded by the Careers and Enterprise Company, we have gathered thousands of impact assessments from children that measure the impact of career-related learning activities. The session will explore the interim findings and how to make sense of the unique impact report that has been generated for your school. We will also be looking at how you can use your unique report to further develop career-related learning in your school.



  1. Primary Futures – Year round-up and looking to the future – Friday 24th July, 1pm

Our Primary Futures project this year has seen thousands of children across the UK be inspired about the world of work through a range of our activities. This round up and celebration will look at top lines findings from the impact assessments, teacher and child testimonials and best practice for further embedding career-related learning in your school culture.