Virtual activities: “Just do it. It’s been brilliant.”

“I was really nervous, I thought the technology might not work and the children might sit there and not have any questions… but just do it. It’s been brilliant.” – Tracey Page, Headteacher at Stephenson Way Academy 

Over the past few weeks, schools have created a range of virtual activities with Primary Futures volunteers providing their pupils with engaging sessions that motivate, inspire and reassure children about their futures. Take a look at what teachers have been planning, find out how your pupils can hear from inspiring NHS heroes via our free pre-recorded resource, and register for our upcoming teacher info webinar where you can learn more about Primary Futures. 

Schools have been able to select from thousands of virtual volunteers to suit their bespoke sessions and meet pupils’ needs. Here are just a few of the activities that took place: 

  • Horbury Bridge Academy in Wakefield hosted a ‘What’s My Line?’ activity with two volunteers from a STEM background, focusing on their jobs in science and linking learning to the wider world.
  • St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School in Lancaster put on a virtual assembly enabling pupils to find out all about the world of engineering. Volunteers included engineers in telecommunications, aerospace and energy storage. 
  • St Anne’s Primary took part in a Lego workshop, building creations in the classroom, hearing about daily work lives of volunteers and learning about the variety of roles possible. 
  • Greenwood Academies Trust put on a whole week of virtual career-related activities, with daily sessions with a range of volunteers aiming to challenge stereotypes and raise aspirations. 


What do teachers think?

The event was brilliant and served the intended purpose perfectly. All of our pupils were engaged and found it a great event – we (pupils and staff) were not sure what to expect but found it really good and we would hope to do one of these type of events again in the future... It fitted in well with the activities abut engineering we have done and reinforced the learning that has taken place. I think our school benefitted from the virtual event as distance was not a factor for volunteers.  

It really worked for us doing this over video conference as it meant we had access to a far wider range of careers. The three volunteers we had yesterday were totally engaging and answered the children’s questions with real honesty. I really loved the last question about one piece of advice. 


Not sure how to plan your event?  

  • We have plenty of resources available on the portal – simply log in and click the ‘Virtual interactive sessions’ icon on your homepage.  
  • Our team is here to help! Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or ideas when planning your activity. 
  • We are putting on an info webinar on 17th November for you to find out more about getting involved with Primary Futures and how virtual events work. Register here. 


NHS pre-recorded Classroom Chat 

Your children can hear from everyday heroes working in the NHS! Our free pre-recorded 30-minute video enables pupils to learn about a wide range of jobs in healthcare, and further their understanding of the pivotal roles of frontline workers during lockdown. Fill in this form to receive the chat, accompanied by a lesson resource with suggested activities to aid learning and reflection. 


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