Student Degree Nurse Apprentice

Anthony first signed up as an Inspiring the Future volunteer in 2018 in order to support his role as Nursing Now England Ambassador which involved raising the profile and transforming the perception of nursing in his community. He has since taken part in many careers activities and has loved sharing his career journey with children and young people of all ages. 

We spoke to Anthony about the joy of connecting with young people in his local community and how volunteering has enabled him to challenge the idea that men can’t be nurses. 

Why did you get involved? 

With the passion that I have for nursing as a whole and mental health nursing as my chosen vocation, I feel that I am able to demonstrate the variety of roles that are available. I also want to show young people that it may take time to identify a career that is right for you, and you may need to undertake further education to achieve those career goals, as I have done. 

What activities have you taken part in? 

I have always enjoyed the ‘What’s My Line?’ assemblies, where children are tasked with guessing the jobs of the volunteers. These activities always provide me with the opportunity to demonstrate the different roles that men play in nursing, as the children never guess that I’m a nurse.  

It has also been humbling to visit some of Derby’s most deprived schools and inspire the children and young people to consider a career in nursing. A great moment from one activity I attended was when I brought a stethoscope to a primary school in Derby and showed pupils how to listen to each other’s heartbeats. Seeing their faces light up when experiencing it and the different conversations it created was really inspiring. 

What have you gained from volunteering? 

By volunteering at different activities and engaging with children of all ages I have definitely been able to improve my communication skills. I have also benefitted from seeing the passion young people have for supporting others and this continues to fill me with confidence for the future nursing workforce. 

I would highly recommend becoming a volunteer with the Inspiring the Future programme. The opportunity to engage with young people in the local Derby community and share my passion for my career is always a pleasure. 

A huge thank you to Anthony for sharing his experience of being an Inspiring the Future volunteer!