10,000 volunteers signed up for mock interviews


We are delighted to announce that over 10,000 of our Inspiring the Future volunteers have offered to give a young person a mock interview.

Interview experience is invaluable to young people, particularly for those applying for apprenticeships, to colleges and university, or for a job, and who will not have had interview experience before. Many young people are forced go into their first interviews with no idea of what to expect and the chance to practice beforehand can make a real difference to their chances of success, and in some cases could significantly impact on their futures.

We have lots of free online resources for our volunteers and schools, on how best to develop and deliver a mock interview to ensure a rewarding experience for both the students they are helping and the volunteer.

There are a number of different ways volunteers can assist in providing careers insights e.g giving careers insight talks, giving students feedback on CVs, and subject master classes to discuss the usefulness of a particular subject to the world of work.

If you know anyone who would like to volunteer with Inspiring the Future, or a school who would like to connect with volunteers, they can sign up for free on our website ee-itf.helpful.ws.