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Sharing inspirational, first-hand career stories of working women to motivate girls to consider the widest range of future careers.

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Children begin to form gender stereotypes about occupations from the age of six*. Having the opportunity at school to meet a wide range of women doing different jobs is really important. Inspiring Women connects schools with inspirational, diverse female volunteers from a range of interesting careers, who talk to young people about their jobs and show how what they are learning at school can lead to an interesting, exciting futures. Our in-school and virtual activities feed curiosity, break down gender stereotypes and open young people and children’s eyes to future possibilities.

Inspiring Women challenges girls to think about what they want to be and why and show them that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Over 24,500 amazing women have already signed up and are ready to talk with girls in state schools about the ‘job they do’ and route they took. The Inspiring Women volunteers are from a wide range of occupations, and by going into schools they are collectively talking to over 500,000 young women.

Volunteers can take part in a range of activities from ‘career speed networking’ and informal classroom talks, to enterprise activities or careers fairs.

*Education and Employers report: Drawing the future, exploring the career aspirations of primary school children from around the world.


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With our pre-recorded videos resources, you can access our Inspiring Women pre-recorded Career Chat with two of our pioneering female volunteers, who demonstrate that anyone can pursue their passion regardless of their gender or background. Discussion and follow-up activities are built into the videos, aimed at KS3 & 4 students.

You can also view our interview with Kike Oniwinde, CEO and Founder of the Black Young Professionals Network, where Kike discusses her journey to entrepreneurship.

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