Career Footsteps at Studio@Deyes

On June 12, Studio@Deyes opened their doors to volunteers to talk to their students about future pathways. Two rooms of volunteers and students equalled one very successful Career Footsteps event in Liverpool.

Studio@Deyes is a studio school that has ambitious year 10 to 13 students, keen to learn about the world of work. This specialised speed networking event gave the year 12 students the opportunity to ask the questions looming over their future, and the volunteers were open and shared their stories.

This day was delivered under the Career Footsteps programme, run in partnership with the Edge Foundation, and aims to open students’ eyes to the wide range of routes they can take into the world of work with a focus on vocational and technical paths. The programme is open to all schools across the county and is completely free to use.

Students had the opportunity to meet volunteers from the Ministry of Defence, a Scientific researcher, Accountants, Design Manager and many more.  A day full of engaged chat, leading to lots of positive feedback from both volunteers and students.

Student feedback included:

“It is interesting to find out about different jobs and to see that some volunteers did not go to university or if they did it was something different”

“It’s good to see people who enjoy their jobs and make money from what they love”

“I feel I have learnt about my own personal skills and what I need to work on next”

“It’s inspired me to be more motivated”

Volunteers were impressed by the level of engagement from the students. They left feeling that where ever the future may lead these students, they were already equipped to succeed.

Check out the Career Footsteps page for more information or contact us at for direct enquiries.

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