GCSE options – template invitation volunteers to take part in a school GCSE options activity

This text is part of the GCSE options teacher pack.

Copy and paste the text and tailor to suit your needs:

Hello, we are looking for X volunteers with [jobs roles/experience/background] for our virtual/in-person employer encounter on [date] and [time]. Please read details below and get in touch with any questions.  

Aim – We are looking to inspire our students with role models from all sectors, to draw links between [X subject] and careers to help them with their GCSE option choices. 

Who – This will be with [X many] Year X students, across X different classrooms. Teachers in those classrooms will be managing the session.  

What – We look to hold an interactive question and answer session for half an hour, where you will initially introduce your job role for the first 5 minutes, followed by 25 minutes of the students’ questions. We’d like you to share some slides with images to demonstrate your career pathway and how you use [x subject] in your role.  

Where – We are looking to use Microsoft Teams, and wish to conduct a briefing meeting before the session. If you have never used it before, don’t worry as the test meeting will be a good opportunity to check you are confident in using the platform and to ask questions.  

Next steps – Please respond to this invite by selecting ‘Accept’ and we will get in touch to arrange a briefing meeting. Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.