John Snell

John uses Primary Futures to help children “explore future jobs and careers in a non-pressured way” whilst at primary school. 

At Welton Primary, career-related learning is about linking the curriculum to pupils’ futures, enabling them to see the relevance of what they are learning at school. John has seen the clear impact Primary Futures volunteers have had on children’s ideas of what they can do in the future. 

“A particular highlight was from our STEM-focused day. One of our pupils, who spoke very little English, was so inspired by one of the volunteers that she went home and asked her parents to buy her a pneumatic robot arm-making kit. She proceeded to film her progress making the arm, which she later shared with the whole school community.


To see this shy young girl, have the confidence to present her work in front of the whole school was a real joy to see! From that day on, she really thrived in science, to the extent that she is now enjoying this subject in secondary school and I am certain will pursue a career in STEM.” 

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