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Use our free resources created with teachers to help plan activities with workplace volunteers:

  • Step-by-step guides on how to run activities such as speed networking, careers fairs, CV workshops and mock interviews
  • Top tips for teachers and careers leaders on using your account and interacting with volunteers
  • Guides on how to embed volunteers into your curriculum, including subject teaching
  • Ideas on different ways to use Inspiring the Future, such as assemblies and drop-down days, time-tabled lessons, and lesson starters, as well as how to complement your existing activities.
  • Toolkits to prepare your students for activities and to support reflection
  • Guides for virtual activities, including information on tech platforms and safeguarding

Access resources and start planning your volunteer encounter:

volunteers on video screen

Volunteers taking part in a virtual session.

Activity ideas: year 7 to post-16

Tailor any of the below activities to fit your students’ needs and interests.

Year 7: At this age, it’s good to expose students to a wide range of possible careers. Activities can include:

  • Career speed networking
  • ‘What’s My Line?’ assemblies to guess volunteer jobs
  • Assembly or classroom talks

Year 8: Continue broadening horizons and challenging stereotypes through activities such as:

  • Career talks from volunteers
  • Career speed networking
  • Apprenticeship volunteer talks to introduce this pathway

Year 9: Volunteer insight sessions can help with inspiration and option choices via activities like:

  • Careers fairs
  • GCSE options choices
  • Volunteer talks at option or parents’ evenings
  • Career talks and workshops in the classroom

Year 10: Help to motivate and prepare students for exams and work experience via:

  • Mock interview and CV workshop sessions
  • Employability skills workshops
  • Pathway and sector insight talks
  • Speed networking to continue broadening horizons

Year 11: Activities at this age can help with motivation and destination choices post 16. Examples include:

  • Careers fairs
  • Sector-focused insight talks
  • Pathway-focused insight talks from volunteers who took an apprenticeship, started their own business or went to HE.

Post 16: Bring in volunteers and employers to help prepare students for next steps as well as motivating for exams. Ideas include:

  • Application and interview workshops
  • Sector insight talks
  • Workplace visits
  • Job shadowing

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