Virtual sessions in 2021: How schools are adapting to home-learning

In the first month of 2021, and despite the huge challenges faced by schools and teachers, we’ve seen really exciting activities taking place across the country. School staffyoung people, and even parents have told us how valuable these activities are – have a read of what’s been going on in the Inspiring the Future community so far this year and find out how we can support you to plan your own sessions to motivate your students. 

  • In preparation for choosing their GCSE options, students at St Michael’s Catholic School in Buckinghamshire learnt about a range of sectors to link learning to the world of work. The school was able to run the session with two pre-recorded video chats from the volunteers to explore their career journey, highlights and challenges. The teacher commented, “Students gained an insight into possible careers paths and what employers are looking for. In addition they were guided towards more self awareness, which GCSE subjects are essential/useful for a certain career… Everything went very well at this first event I used Inspiring the Future. The two speakers I invited were very professional and provided a balanced, engaging talk for the students.” 
  • During an activity with NHS volunteers, a Dietitian, a Clinical Scientist and a Lead Radiographer talked about their jobs with Years 11, 12 and 13 at The Warren School in Essex. Gareth Murray, Head of Information, Advice and Guidance at school, said: “This forum allows students to have first-hand access to those working within the NHS. Real people, with real jobs who can, in their own words, explain to students the journey they went on from school to their current role within the NHS. This is far more valuable than simply reading something on a careers website.” 
  • Over in Hampshire, five volunteers in Maritime chatted to over 200 students at Wyvern College to share the range of jobs and career possibilities in the sector: Pupils heard from a Ship Broker, CEO of OSEMA, a Sales & Services Manager, Partner at Kingsground Narrowboats, & an Implementation Programme Manager. It was an interactive session, involving polls and the opportunity for students to send questions. Feeding back, the teacher said, “From my perspective, it was a brilliant event, to be able to cover that many students, with around 200 of year 10 students tuning in. The fact that we had high-calibre volunteers giving up their time and they didn’t have to travel over to Hampshire for the event. The way the event ran and getting all the students together and involved, when they’ve all been working from home alone, I thought was a real positive.” When students were asked what they learnt, popular feedback included learning about the diversity of jobs in the sector, the different routes and qualifications needed, and that you should do something you enjoy. 


Want to hear more from school staff? Listen to Sally-Anne’s experience of organising virtual sessions: 


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