NHS Ambassadors FAQs

What does an NHS Ambassador do?

An NHS Ambassador is an NHS employee, clinical and non-clinical, who gives up a small amount of their time to volunteer and speak to young people in state schools and colleges about careers in health and care, either in person or virtually. They talk to young people about their own experience of working in the NHS and given advice and take questions.

Where do the events take place?

Events often take place in schools or further education colleges, however events are also held virtually. Attending events is completely voluntary, therefore Ambassadors are free to only attend the type of event they wish.

Will I need permission from my line manager/ employer?

We would advise speaking to your manager/ employer before you sign up to become an NHS Ambassador.

Will I be expected to take time off work to be an NHS Ambassador?

If you are interested in becoming an NHS Ambassador, you will need to in the first instance speak with your line manager. They will be able to advise whether you will be able to complete your NHS Ambassador activity within your working hours.

Will I be paid for this time?

NHS Ambassador is a voluntary role.

Do I need to do a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) or security check?

There is no requirement for a DBS or security check. Schools and Colleges will have their own policies and procedures related to Safeguarding and you should always be accompanied by a school staff member, both virtually and in-person. When registering you will be asked to agree to the programmes terms and conditions which includes reference to safeguarding.

What support will I receive?

Upon registering, you will receive a welcome email and volunteer handbook providing you with further support. You will also be able to log back in to Inspiring the Future platform at any point to access their library of helpful guides and optionable training webinars. NHS England will have more details that you can direct students and teachers to, as well as the Step into the NHS website which has plenty of useful careers resources.

How often will I have to work as an Ambassador?

Opportunities, both virtually and in your local area will be advertised regularly, you can either search the Inspiring the Future platform for these opportunities and express interest in supporting them, or you can wait for a school to invite you. We ask that you volunteer a minimum of one hour per year as an NHS Ambassador.

Will schools always want me to do daytime activities?

Asks will mostly be for careers fairs, assemblies and classroom sessions during the school day (9:00-15:30) but some schools and colleges also have early evening events. It’s entirely up to you to decide which events you want to do.

Will a student ever contact me?

No, only teacher, or staff within a school/college.

Can I withdraw from being an NHS Ambassador if I need to?

Yes, this is a voluntary role so if you find you no longer want to be involved, the Inspiring the Future team can disable your account, just email enquiries@inspiringthefuture.org.

Does using Inspiring the Future cost anything?

No, Inspiring the Future is completely free for individual volunteers, NHS Ambassadors, state schools and colleges.