Primary Futures

What’s it all about?

Primary Futures aims to broaden horizons and raise aspirations. By bringing in volunteers to share their fascinating life stories and the link between learning in school and the world of work, Primary Futures helps to spark young children’s imaginations of what can be achieved in life.

We know that for children of primary age, making a connection between what they learn in the classroom and how it relates to the world of work isn’t easy. Primary Futures is intended to change that. Children who can see the relationship between what they are learning and the possibilities it opens up for them in later life are likely to be far more motivated achieve.

Getting the chance to meet a wide range of people doing different jobs is particularly important for those children from disadvantaged backgrounds who have few successful role models, either at home or in their local communities. Primary Futures helps children understand how achieving at school can lead to a satisfying, fulfilling career, in whatever they desire.

Primary Futures connects primary schools around the country for free to people from a wide range of jobs and different backgrounds via a secure online database – from apprentices to CEOs, archaeologists to zoologists.

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“Children have voluntarily told us that they believe in themselves more after this event. They were also very surprised that you could learn some of these jobs in Bradford”, Primary School in Bradford

The Primary Futures team

Contact our Primary Schools Engagement Coordinator for help with using the site and planning activities using volunteers:

Jess Wallis:  /  0207 566 4880.

Steve Iredale, Project Manager, tel:07703673420

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